Devlin and Daisy

The Handlers


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Meet the Handlers

Unprofessional as they can seem, this ostensibly brother & sister work remarkably well together in spite of rumors of a less then healthy relationship in the background. Obviously they do not go by their real names.

Devlin Decker

A borderline alcoholic with a history of insubordination, Devlin is largley respected for his ability to get the job done regardless of the obstacles in the way. Little is known of his time before joining the Organization, but Daisy often drops hints to IRA connections for him.

As a Handler, he is very competitive and focuses on the gains rather than the losses.

Daisy Chain

Rumored to be something of a party-girl before being inducted into the Organization, Daisy takes her name from an explosives pattern where one blast feeds the next. This is an important thing to know, as she is not especially good or interested in covert ops, preferring high explosives and higher body counts.

As a Handler, Daisy is a fireball. She focuses on success over anything else, and holds little regard for human life.

As a team, Devlin and Daisy make for a sporadic pair. Missions that come through them have likely been failed by other teams, meaning a higher risk; generally suggesting that teams assigned these two as Handlers are not expected to last long.

Devlin and Daisy

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